Lapinpin for Mr and Mrs B’s Wedding

Brian and Justine's Wedding

Brian and Justine’s Wedding, thegaleria

We were extremely excited when Brian and Justine asked us at Lapinpin to dress their little flower girls and ring boy for their wedding. We are so happy to have been part of their big day. While Isabelle’s and Marc’s outfits are bespoke, Sophie chose something from our Spring Summer 2014 Collection. We chose to use the same fabric for all three looks, just for that touch of flow. Justine and the children look so lovely together, don’t they =)

Thank you Brian and Justine, for choosing Lapinpin, for one of the most important day of your lives!

With love,

Linli and Yun
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BrianHo for Lapinpin

I have received kind words on our photographs and lookbook. Thank you for loving what you saw on Lapinpin’s page.

While we expressed ourselves through designs, colours and fabrics, this man, he told our story through clicks on his camera.

Brian and us, at Lapinpin are similar in some ways. We were both particular. We were particular about each piece of design, from the buttons right down to its finishing – which is why Lapinpin always finishes each piece with french seams, not overlocking. Brian was particular from the film he uses,  right down to the type of paper he prints his images on. We do not usually like to compromise.

Brian is the man behind Lapinpin’s campaign and lookbook photographs. Thank you Brian, for capturing our story on your film.

If you do not already know Brian, this is a little write up about him:

“Brian, filmmaker and resident photographer at thegaleria specialises in wedding photography taken exclusively in available light. Much of Brian’s works have been inspired by cinema works of famous directors like Giuseppe Tornatore, Mira Nair and Wong Kar-Wai. Brian’s unique style of cinematic-inspired photography has brought him to weddings at different corners of the world, documenting diverse wedding cultures of people from different walks of life.

In his own words, “I usually have a story blue-print in my head before every wedding. It’s a question of translating them into real imagery”

Brian prefers the analog film medium over the more prevalent digital photography, hardly surprising since much of his works are influenced by cinema and films.

On other days, Brian enjoys documenting culture and human life around the world in a medium he is most familiar with – photographs. Most of his personal works are in black & white, a medium that he has grown to love over the years.

His works have won numerous awards and have been featured on several magazines and publications throughout the world.

Brian is currently the silver medalist for Photographer of The Year 2010 award for the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photo Journalist Association (AG|WPJA). Brian has also been named the Top 30 Wedding Photographers in Asia by SignatureWeddings.

Filmography: 租来的幸福 MV (2010) – Cinematographer The Passing (2010) – Producer, Director of Photography, Editor.”

You can view more of Brian’s works at and

With love,

Lapinpin and friends
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Keeping our Lovelies Safe

We all love pretty dustbags to protect our lovely things.

Each of our pieces comes with a Lapinpin dustbag. Our dustbags are designed in house and are a dusty blue, finished with a pink ribbon. They are reusable and are perfect when Lapinpin pieces are intended as gifts for family and friends.

We hope you like it as much as we do!

Lapinpin Dustbag

With love,

Lapinpin and friends

The First Collection : White Daydreams


The Beginning: Love. Life.

We celebrate the birth of baby Lapinpin.

Life as a baby is simple and pure – like a puffy dreamy white cloud in the sky. The concept of this collection celebrates such simplicity and pureness. With clean silhouettes, unassuming colours, delicate details and emphasis on soft fabric choices akin to that of babies’ skin, you, will feel like a new born baby again.

This is our inspiration for the first collection, White Daydreams. We hope you enjoy the pieces as much as we did in designing and crafting them.

With love,

Lapinpin and friends

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Welcome to the World of Lapinpin

Hello there,

Welcome to the world of Lapinpin.

Lookbook 22B

Lapinpin is a children’s label designed for whimsical children age 1 to 4 years old. We love a child with endless wonderland thoughts, and if you one like that, our creations are for you.

If has been a wonderful journey – from the imagination of this label, to its creation and finally its launch. Our designs are inspired by a little lapin named Lapinpin, which was in fact, part of our imaginations. We like that she came from our dreams and hope you do too! Who knows, this imgainery lapin could become real one day, simply because you believed that she is.

Read our story and enjoy browsing our designs at We hope you like what you see.

With love,

Lapinpin and friends.

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