Our Lapinpin

Lapinpin is a fashion label designed for whimsical children age 1 to 4 years old. We love a child with endless wonderland thoughts, and if you are one like that, our creations are for you.

Our Founders and Designers

It was in fashion school where the two founders and designers of Lapinpin met. Together, Yun and Linli created Lapinpin, just so they could share their whimsical inspirations and quirky thoughts with children of the world, through their designs and creations at Lapinpin.

Our Brand Story

Under the rays of the sun, in a forest filled with wild bluebells and soft green grass, a baby lapin was born. The forest came alive, dancing to welcome the arrival of this new born child. As the crickets pulled out their violins, the humming birds started to sing. The butterflies flutter around the baby, all eager to just take a glimpse. The worker bees put down their honey, buzzing around this sweetest little thing. All excited, all wondering in awe. Lapinpin, she shall be called. Now come, let us walk with her, on a little journey, as she hops on her tiny paws.

Our story is about Lapinpin, a very furry bunny. Each collection will be inspired by a different stage of Lapinpin’s life and experiences. We hope you can share Lapinpin’s adventures at each stage though the clothes we design and create.

Our Passion

At Lapinpin, we are passionate not only about our designs, but also with the craft behind the design. Therefore, with each piece that you purchase, be ensured that they are made with greatest love and care. We choose only the softest fabric and emphasis is placed not only on the exterior look of the garment, but also the interior, where chic finishing is no longer just a need, but a must. Most of all, we hope you enjoy the pieces at Lapinpin, as much as we did in designing and crafting them.

With Love,

Lapinpin and Friends

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